Houston Texans will make Davis Mills compete for the starting QB job

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans are sending a clear message to Davis Mills in 2022.

That message is “Earn it,” as in the starting quarterback job for the Houston Texans. If there’s anything that should make a football player improve, it’s competition. Lovie Smith spoke MMQB last week with Albert Breer and had this to say when asked explicitly about Mills’ chances of being given the starting job:

"“We don’t give out starting positions in the spring, to anybody.”"

This may come as a surprise as veteran Tyrod Taylor is a free agent and may not be back. But, on the other hand, some might be saying that Mills is the best and virtually only quarterback on the roster, so why would he have to compete for the job? This is the difference between Smith and David Culley.

Smith’s knowledge from his previous two stints with Chicago and Tampa Bay proves that it’s the right thing to do. Now his quarterbacks haven’t been the best, but he’s gotten the most out of them possible. Having Rex Grossman as your quarterback in a Super Bowl will definitely gives you some credit for that.

Houston Texans are doing the right thing by making Davis Mills earn the job.

In 2021, there was a lack of fire and competitiveness with this squad. There was no sole and established leader on the field who got the team ready to play a big game or lifted them up when it was needed. Instead, it was just a bunch of guys going out there and just doing their jobs, with nobody taking on the role of what a captain would do.

Mills also started 0-7 in his career, and despite the late-season rush of progress, his future is not the safest- even if Houston does commit to Mills past the 2022 season. Nevertheless, some veteran quarterbacks come in and compete for the job, and competition breeds success, as they say.

Let the games begin- by the time that they’re over, Houston could have a new starting quarterback.

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