Deshaun Watson: NY Jets, Giants, might be ‘middlemen’ in possible trade

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The New York Giants officially took themselves out of a Deshaun Watson trade not too long ago.

That was quite the statement by John Mara, and it couldn’t have been more clear. However, a new report from Daniel Jeremiah has both the Giants and the New York Jets being the “middleman” in what could be a rare, three-team trade in the NFL.

This isn’t just about Watson. If Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers were to be traded, then one of these two teams could be involved, per Jeremiah. As for how that would specifically work with all three teams, let’s leave it to Jeremiah to clear it up in the Tweet below.

Potentially more interesting than the Giants being involved after their statement is the fact that the Jets are involved. The Jets’ have two first-round picks this year, and that could be enough firepower to bring in established players from other teams.

A Deshaun Watson trade through New York would be wild

Since the list of potential landing spots for Watson has changed quite a bit since the season ended, trying to make a potential trade with all of the possibilities would take a very long time, and that won’t be covered here.

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It would be one of the more complex trades in recent NFL history, and it would definitely take some time to decipher. And according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Vikings and Buccaneers are now much higher on Watson’s list of potential destinations. It’s why they were both included in the article that’s linked above.

Stay tuned to this one folks. This would be a rare trade if this comes to fruition.

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