Houston Texans: Jags request midnight hour interview with Pep Hamilton

Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans news cycle went bonkers on Sunday night, and Pep Hamilton was included in the cluster bombs going off.

Amid the craziness of Sunday that saw both Jonathon Gannon and Josh McCown (whew) be given the news that they’re no longer in the running for the head coaching position,

Pep Hamilton also got another chance to interview for an offensive coordinator position with the divisional rival Jacksonville Jaguars.

This comes just a handful of days in which Hamilton came close to the New York Giants offensive coordinator job, but that went to former Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka. This is a sneaky midnight move done by Trent Baalke and Doug Pederson over there in Jacksonville.

Honestly, it’s probably one of the best forms of division rivals trying to play dirty within the rules that we’ve seen in some time. “Oh, what’s that? A Divisional rival is going head coaching turmoil? Let’s strike now.”

The above is probably what was said in whatever makeshift war room Baalke and Pederson are in right now.

What’s next for Hamilton and the Houston Texans?

If Hamilton gets this job, he’s out of Houston as fast as possible. Working with Trevor Lawrence over Davis Mills is something that most people would not blame someone for. The other thing that’s going on that doesn’t make sense is the process of this all.

If Lovie Smith becomes the head coach, he’s been notoriously bad with the offensive side of the ball. Losing Hamilton would mean an offense that’s not the worst, but they’re not the greatest either. According to Sarah Barshop, Smith and Hamilton are supposed to be a package deal.

One would hope for these two to stick around in Houston. Otherwise, the offense may need way more help from the schematics standpoint than anyone could ever know.

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