Houston, we have 3 finalists for the HC job

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Houston Texans
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There is a race of three for who the Houston Texans will be selecting from for their new HC.

Nothing ever seems to come easy for the Houston Texans, and this year’s head coach search is exactly that … not an easy decision for general manager Nick Caserio and the cast of characters who make decisions for the franchise.

From reports, there are three finalists for the Texans coaching job, and they are former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, current Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, and former NFL quarterback Josh McCown.

All three finalists bring something to the table the other doesn’t to the Houston Texans, as Flores is the only one of the three who has head coaching experience, Gannon helped improve the defense of the Eagles, and McCown has a lot of experience as a former quarterback and playing around many different style head coaches.

McCown has no coaching experience at any level, so whatever he’s presenting to general manager Nick Caserio and the decision makers, his background and knowledge of the game must be impressive to be a finalist with the likes of Flores and Gannon.

Moving forward with a decision will be important for the Texans front office because the head coach hired needs to be able to bring in his own coaching staff and build a team around that.

Will the new Houston Texans head coach have to make Davis Mills the starter no matter what? Will the new head coach have to be able to run an offense or defense the decision makers of the franchise want to have, or will the new head coach get to do their own thing, because nothing is guaranteed in the NFL?

Putting aside the lawsuit Flores has against some hiring practices, his hire would be very interesting and exciting because of his relationship with Deshaun Watson. There is also excitement when Gannon’s name is mentioned because of his ability to apparently make defenses better like he did with the Eagles.

All three candidates have their positives and negatives, so let’s take a closer look at the three reported finalists for the head coach position of the Texans.

Brian Flores

Positives: The best part about this possible hire is Flores is a former head coach in the NFL (three seasons with the Dolphins, 2019-21), and he has a great mind for football as an assistant coach with the New England Patriots (2004-18) in various coaching roles including special teams, offensive assistant, safeties, and linebackers. He’s also only 40 years old and still has a long time left to coach in the league.

Flores knows his football, and his relationship with Watson doesn’t hurt things as he might be able to convince him to return if all of Watson’s off-the-field issues are resolved, or he can help Watson and the Texans agree on a trade partner if that is on the table, too.

Negatives: His tenure with the Dolphins didn’t have the best of endings, and though they were close to making the playoffs after starting the season with an 1-8 record only to win seven in a row (starting with a win over the Texans), ultimately Miami didn’t make the playoffs and didn’t reach expectations.

There is also his current lawsuit against the NFL and teams in the league, so that could be something the Houston Texans want to stay away from, especially with Watson’s off-the-field issues.