Texans Can’t Afford to Hire the Wrong Coach

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans are back to square one: looking for a Head coach, and they can’t afford to hire the wrong one.

The fans have already walked out on the Texans. Not in heart, but in body. Not as many canceled season tickets as was expected. Instead, the fans spoke loud and clear by simply not showing up, embarrassing the organization on televised games with announcements of sell-outs yet obvious empty seats.

Closer to two-thirds of the stadium was empty rather than full. The fans spoke loud and clear. They were and are saying, “Bring us hope, or we won’t be back!”

Nick Caserio needs to listen to the voice of the fans. This time, hiring an unknown will bring much worse results in the stands. More season ticket cancellations and more lost revenue. How much can the Texans take?

The right head coach hire for the Houston Texans can fix their income and attendance problems.

Sure, the TV money is still there, and the advertisement money pours in. But with no one paying attention because they’re at home, how many advertisers pull their support? How much lost revenue can the team endure?

The fans are looking for someone they’ve heard of; They need someone that brings hope, not more questions. Just to name a few candidates like Eric Bieniemy, Brian Daboll, or Brian Flores. Those names bring hope to the fan because they’re all established products in the NFL.

This isn’t an endorsement for any potential candidate. It’s just to say that Nick Caserio needs to give the fans what they’re asking for; within reason, of course.

Caserio can’t hire a coach only based on their name. The next coach has to be qualified, experienced, and ready to lead a young QB and a young team into the future. But hiring another no-name coach will drive fans far away and be very difficult to bring back. Especially when strong candidates like Bieniemy, Daboll, and Flores are available and ready to lead a team now.

As for who is the best choice to be Houston’s next head coach, that is up for everyone to decide for themselves. As for Caserio, the pressure is on to make the right choice.

Caserio would be wise to play a name game this time.

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