Houston Texans have first in-person interview with Brian Flores

Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

It appears the Houston Texans are getting more interested with Brian Flores as the teams’ next head coach.

After having talks with Brian Flores by other means (phone calls or video conferencing), the Houston Texans are hosting Flores for an in-person interview today, as Tom Pelissero tweeted today.

Flores has connections with Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio from when both were a part of the New England Patriots years ago. Flores was also the coach that Deshaun Watson wanted to play for the most, and one of the reasons that Watson waived his no-trade clause to Miami before Flores was fired earlier this month.

It remains to be seen if Flores can convince Caserio not to trade Watson. With Watson’s deposition coming just a handful of days after Super Bowl LVI,  it may become a “wait and see” sort of decision.

The Houston Texans potentially hiring Brian Flores still remains a slam-dunk.

Flores is still the best candidate for the Texans, as his track record with Miami is impressive considering where the organization was when he took over. It would be a very similar situation in Houston (minus the Watson discussions), and Flores’ fiery ways can help Houston climb out of the basement in the AFC South.

Three of Houston’s four wins this year came against divisional opponents. That’s not saying much when you sweep the Jacksonville Jaguars, but an upset of the Tennessee Titans when they were near the top of the conference is something to hang your hat on.

Flores has a much better chance of connecting with his team than David Culley did, and Caserio may just have to listen to Flores more than he did with Culley (in terms of personnel decisions and drafting).

This in-person interview is a refreshing moment after the team interviewed Josh McCown and Jonathon Gannon for the second time each last week.

Flores should quickly rise to the top as the favorite for the Job, and Houston can get started on their rebuild with the best remaining coach on the market.

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