Houston Texans’ Top 5 least-worn jersey numbers

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The Houston Texans jersey numbers that have been worn four times

To start our “four times” category, we have a sharp drop from 13 jersey numbers to just seven. Those numbers are the following:

  • 4,19,47,63,65,67,76

Starting off with number four, Deshaun Watson is the most notable Houston Texans player early on. Unfortunately, 19 seems to be a cursed number, as all four players who have worn it have not lasted more than a year on the roster.

Number 47 has a bunch of lesser-known players, but most notably Lawrence Vickers, who helped Arian Foster earn his second-consecutive 1,000-plus rushing season.

Jumping up to our photo on this slide is Milford Brown at 67, a supplemental draft pick who played three years for Houston.

The Houston Texans jersey numbers that have been worn three times

For our “three times” category, we have a total of six jersey numbers:

  • 9,45,60,62,64,73

Number nine is currently worn by Brevin Jordan, who joins Bryan Anger and Shane Lechler. Lechler recently made the news ripping the Houston Texans on their rebuild effort. Additionally, if you remember any of the players at number 45, then you have an incredible memory.

Eric Winston at number 73 played in Houston from 2006 to 2011 and later went on to become the president of the NFL’s Player Association (NFLPA).