Former Houston Texans player rips franchise on rebuild effort

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

One former Houston Texans player is letting the franchise hear his frustration.

Trivia time! Who was the Houston Texans’ punter from 2013 to 2017? If you remembered or guessed Shane Lechler, then you’ve got the right person! Lechler recently laid into everything that’s going on with the Texans as the East Bernard high school grad let loose on things to say about how Cal McNair is handling the team.

Lechler claimed that the whole Deshaun Watson situation is a “distraction” and that basically, no free agent has any interest in walking into the situation Houston is in. While the Watson situation will remain without comment in this article, Lechler is not wrong about the free agents.

Houston brought in so many free agents last year that they have 35 expiring contracts that will most likely result in a mass exodus, as no one would blame these free agents for not coming back. It was a brutal 4-13 campaign that could have been better.

Shane Lechler is right with harsh words towards the Houston Texans

The problem with Cal McNair is that he falls under one of those “this is how we’ve always done it”-traditionalist points of view that clouds any improvement. If something doesn’t work, there has to be something that changes.

Lechler also advocated keeping the coaching staff in place to help the rebuild be more effective. That’s fine, but something would have to change (and we’re talking about something that rhymes with “Dim Selly”).

The more heat the franchise faces, the more progress Texans fans will see heading into the 2022 season. Getting back to what they once were (an AFC force) will take time, but it can be done if the right people are moved to the right roles, and the right guys are brought in.

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