Houston Texans: OC’s to target and avoid to replace Tim Kelly

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The Houston Texans need a witty offensive coordinator to be a contender again.

Every Houston Texans fan witnessed the pain of having to endure Tim Kelly as the offensive coordinator. Inconsistency was his only consistency, as game plans would range from impeccable (Chargers game) to downright confusing (49ers game).

So why did Kelly never let Davis Mills cook or let him throw it more than the team would run? Houston had zero ground game all year, and it affected the team negatively for all seventeen games (minus Rex Burkhead’s career day).

With the utmost urgency, Houston Texans sort out which offensive coordinators they should pursue and avoid. These candidates aren’t ranked in any particular order as they will be placed under their category and analyzed from there.

First on the list of offensive coordinators that the Houston Texans should stay away from:

Joe Brady

Joe Brady was heralded as the next best thing when he was hired to be the Carolina Panther’s offensive coordinator after being LSU’s passing game coordinator in 2019. He led Joe Burrow’s squad to a National Championship that year and seemed like a great hire.

However, asking Sam Darnold to be your number one guy at the quarterback position is a terrible idea. Not to mention that the offense is nothing without Christian McCaffrey, and it resulted in Brady being fired just a year and a half into his tenure.

Brady’s numbers were not that good, ranking near the bottom third of the league. Brady might be suited for college football more than the NFL.