Could Deshaun Watson get Brian Flores in Houston?

Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /

Deshaun Watson loved the chance to have Brian Flores as his coach. Could Flores come to town?

It’s not the most unrealistic thing that could happen, but it would take some work for it to happen. David Culley is not expected to be a part of Black Monday 2022 in the NFL-but that doesn’t mean that Houston wouldn’t and couldn’t try to make amends with their disgruntled star quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson listed Flores as one of the biggest reasons he waived his no-trade clause only for Miami. However, how much happier would Watson be in Houston if Culley is fired and Flores is hired? It would be a great setup, as Watson gets his man, and Flores gets the third-overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Brian Flores would be a much better choice for Deshaun Watson

Houston has given away or let go of so many franchise faces that this may be the one that they can save. It’s a simple act, and there’s a good contingency of Houston Texans fans that want Culley gone.

Watson is also due for a $35M cap hit next season, so trading him may get complicated if there aren’t ways to offset that money. However, Houston would absorb his cap hit and build this team back to what it once was.

A happy franchise quarterback means a somewhat more satisfied fanbase knowing that they have a proven commodity as their signal-caller. It all comes down to free agency and the draft, as upgrading the offensive line or the run defense is of utmost priority in this offseason.

Flores brought the Dolphins back from the proverbial football grave and got them to be playoff contenders in no time at all. Could Flores do that with Watson in Houston?

All signs point to yes.

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