Houston Texans could face Derrick Henry in Week 18

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It would be a scary sight to behold if Derrick Henry plays against the Houston Texans.

In a comeback that gets close to Adrian Peterson’s ACL return in eight months, Derrick Henry has now been given his 21-day window to return off the injured reserve list (which should just be called the injury list, but I digress).

Houston Texans fans are well aware of what this game means for Tennessee. Win, and they get the first overall seed. It’s the reason why Kansas City Chiefs fans are also Texans fans this week. Not only that, but Henry’s fullback Tory Carter also has hopes of returning.

Needing a fullback for Derrick Henry is like being a Lifeguard at an Olympic swimming event. There’s still a purpose, but it’s not because they can’t swim.

Titans would be wise to rest Derrick Henry against the Houston Texans

If there’s anything that would never be forgiven is looking back on if Henry would re-injure himself in a meaningless game against the Texans that his backups probably could have beaten by themselves.

Besides, getting actual snaps for younger players is essential in their development. So the Titans should sit Henry and let the backups do the work. After all, Houston is trying to help out Kansas City this week.

Losing to Houston would be devastating for Tenessee, and it would eat them alive in the playoffs. The effects of not having a first-round bye would be on their minds as they took the field in the wildcard round.

As bad as Houston is (worst in the league in rushing yards allowed), two playoff-hopeful teams are right behind them. Pittsburgh and L.A. (Chargers) have also allowed the second and third-most rushing yards. So who really has the worse defense?

We’ll see what happens. But, of course, that was the short-lived Titans career of Adrian Peterson that Houston took on in the previous matchup, so the difficulty would exponentially be increased if Henry does return.

On the other hand, Mr. Henry, it’s okay to take another game off.

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