The Houston Texans can make fans of the Kansas City Chiefs very happy

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

It all comes down to the Houston Texans and the Tenessee Titans in Week 17. 

The battle for the AFC’s top seed and only first-round bye will take place in Houston. If the Houston Texans can sweep the Tennessee Titans, it will give fans of the Kansas City Chiefs non-stop jubilation.

If both Houston and Kansas City win, the one seed will revert back to Kansas City as that’s where it’s resided the last two seasons. Kansas City gets to play the Denver Broncos, so that’s a pretty easy matchup on paper.

For the Chiefs fans reading this, you may remember Houston shocking Tenessee earlier this year. The Texans got four interceptions off Ryan Tannehill in that game, and Tyrod Taylor had two rushing touchdowns. The Titans’ defense didn’t register a sack either. So there is lots of hope.

Chiefs fans need to be cautiously optimistic with the Houston Texans

Expecting the Houston Texans to beat a tough team is a hard ask. Sometimes they can do it, like the upset mentioned earlier, and in addition to their upset of the Los Angeles Chargers. Last week’s matchup against the 49ers does little to inspire confidence, but crazier things have happened.

There is also the silver lining in that the last game of the 2020 season was also against Tenessee, in which they barely won, 41-38. Alas, that was possibly the last-ever game from Deshaun Watson in a Texans uniform; but if that gives Chiefs fans any extra comfort, then great.

Let’s hope Davis Mills gets the chance to sling the ball downfield and test the secondary that’s allowed the ninth-most passing yards to give a late Christmas gift to Kansas City. Houston has a fighting chance as long as Tim Kelly doesn’t sabotage the playcalling again.

“Any given Sunday” is still a thing, right?

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