Who should the Houston Texans interview if David Culley is fired?

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If the Houston Texans decide to fire David Culley, who should the Texans call?

Poor David Culley. Having been in the league for 27 years and looking over and over for his first head coaching stint, Culley landed in Houston with many problems. Those are all well known, and they aren’t going to be re-hashed here.

Fans of the Houston Texans have been calling for Culley’s job since the abysmal loss to the Los Angeles Rams– where it looked like another shutout was sure to happen. If it weren’t for a sudden burst of 22 points, the Texans would have had been shut out on offense a total of three times this season.

There is also the debate on if Nick Caserio, the team’s general manager, set Culley up to fail. Again, no draft picks until the third round, a disgruntled quarterback (on top of everything else), and a franchise falling into toxicity after seeing two of their franchise faces leave town for the same team.

Whatever side you’re on, the point is that Culley being fired is a legitimate possibility. The Houston Texans could start interviewing candidates as soon as the game against the Los Angeles Chargers is over.

So as always, it’s better to be prepared. These coaching candidates compiled in this list is not in order- not one choice is better than the others. The fact that these candidates could even consider Houston is why they are not ranked. Let’s get into our first option.