Houston Texans set to face new coach as Jaguars fire Urban Meyer

Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /

The Urban Meyer era did not last long for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After only thirteen games, Urban Meyer is out as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. After the story of former kicker Josh Lambo being kicked by Meyer before a practice came out, that was ultimately the catalyst to get him fired.

The only time the Houston Texans got to face off against Meyer was the season opener, and if it weren’t for a literal last-second score from Trevor Lawrence, the game would have been an even bigger blowout.

As for who will replace Meyer, former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel will become the interim head coach. Bevel also served as the Detroit Lions’ interim head coach when Matt Patricia was fired in 2020, in which Bevel accrued a 1-4 record.

With Urban Meyer being the first domino to fall, is David Culley next?

The Houston Texans have been calling for David Culley to be fired ever since the loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Besides an upset win over the Tennessee Titans, Culley hasn’t done much to cool down the hot seat that he knowingly walked it into.

But will General Manager Nick Caserio spare Culley another year, or will he acknowledge the fact that he set Culley up to fail? In a game that is meaningless to the rest of the NFL, these two teams are playing for prime draft position and the chance to improve their team for good.

Jacksonville could take off with a healthy Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and another highly rated draft prospect. Houston could use anybody, but having your preferred pick always helps in the short term.

Personally, the only way Culley is fired is if he loses out to end the season. Nobody wants to be the first to go 2-15.

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