Latest ESPN mock draft has Houston Texans going defense with first pick

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Todd McShay of ESPN has the Houston Texans drafting one of the best defensive stars in college football.

As the football world silently prepares to kiss regular season football goodbye with only a few more weeks left, mock draft season is getting closer.  The very first mock drafts are being done by draft analysts all over the football world, with these little saplings growing into giant sequoia trees. If I could insert a meme here, it would be “Prepare yourself; the mock drafts are coming.”

When asked about why the Houston Texans would select Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux, here’s what he had to say: (please note the link is to an article that had ESPN+ access so that a paywall will be present.)

"The debate between Hutchinson and Thibodeaux will continue over the four months of lead-up to the draft, and the Texans would be happy with whichever player the Lions don’t take here. Thibodeaux actually has the better skill set, but Hutchinson is just a consistent force on Michigan’s defense and plays with more fire… But he is scheme versatile, rushes the passer with power and speed and can make plays in the backfield against the run."

The Houston Texans can’t go wrong with Thibodeaux, but Aidan Hutchinson would be a dream

Thibodeaux was making all the headlines starting off the season, especially after their upset win at Ohio State. But there’s a reason he faded in popularity down the stretch, and Michigan pass rusher Aidan Hutchinson roared into being a Heisman Trophy finalist. I see a hungrier player in Hutchinson and someone whose energy is lacking on a defense with no swagger.

Thibodeaux’s 2021 season saw that he racked up 49 tackles, 12 of them for a loss, and had seven sacks. Hutchinson had 58 tackles, 15.5 for a loss, and 14 sacks. Interestingly enough, Hutchinson had 14 of his 17 career sacks come in this season. So that might be a “buyer beware” red flag going up.

Being able to rush the passer as a defense makes your pass coverage that much better. Whoever ends up after Detroit (and/or Jacksonville if Houston wins this weekend) will be the one player the Texans go with. Or it could be another shocker, as one mock draft site shows that its users think that the Texans will select QB Matt Corrall of Ole Miss.

We’ve seen bigger draft surprises, but as of right now, it’s looking like J.J. Watt’s heir apparent will be chosen come draft time.

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