Three teams that should target Justin Reid in free agency

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Justin Reid
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The Kansas City Chiefs are still the top landing spot for Justin Reid

As mentioned earlier, the Chiefs are still the top destination for Justin Reid. If there was ever a fanbase who clearly disliked one of their safeties on the team, it’s definitely the fans of the Chiefs. For the Chiefs to keep Tyrann Mathieu, who is set to be a free agent himself at the end of the year, bringing in Reid may just be a factor in making him stay.

Mathieu has been seen with arms in the air as opposing receivers gain yards on Sorenson or any of his teammates in the Chiefs’ secondary. Without Mathieu, do the Chiefs have enough firepower to keep playing closer games?

More reasons for why Reid fits can be seen here. Kansas City heads into the 2022 season with ~31M in cap space, and they aren’t having a ton of contributors set to hit free agency. Mathieu should be their biggest priority, and maybe Reid gets to be included in that free agent signing as well.

Justin Reid playing for Andy Reid would be a welcome change, as a simple disagreement shouldn’t end in a benching of a player. Regardless of where Reid goes, just about anywhere is better than Houston.

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