NFL Trade Deadline: Which Houston Texans that aren’t Deshaun Watson could be traded?

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Houston Texans, Justin Reid
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The NFL’s trade deadline is November 2nd. Could the Houston Texans be active participants in it?

The NFL world knows that the Houston Texans are in a rebuilding mode. General Manager Nick Caserio has started to make his impact on this team by having a great preseason- which led to a competitive team (minus the Buffalo game, let’s not talk about that).

The Houston Texans and Caserio need to maximize draft capital. There are three other players not named Deshaun Watson that could easily yield a decent draft pick or two in return. As a result, these players we’ll cover are in no particular order- just ones that can help the Texans really initiate this rebuilding process that they want to be in.

Trades are no strangers to the Texans organization. In fact, Caserio had once made three cornerback/ defensive back-related trades in eight days back in August. The most likely finish of this team will have them inside the Top 10 of the NFL Draft.

With such a golden opportunity ahead, trading one of these players away (or all of them, especially if the Texans just want to hit the “abort mission” button on the 2021 season) can help yield more capital to potentially find the next franchise player at that position.

It’s also required to purge out the unwanted players from the Bill O’Brien era who don’t fit with David Culley’s system. This list does not directly imply that they don’t fit.

These players have been fan favorites for a while, and some are just getting started in their time in Houston. These three players give the Houston Texans quite a bit of intrigue at the NFL trade deadline.