Texans QB Tyrod Taylor ranked worst QB for Week 12

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

In NFL quarterback rankings for Week 12, Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor was ranked last in a power rankings list by The Mercury News.

Though Taylor did have a 40-yard touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks this past Sunday in a 21-14 loss to the New York Jets in the second quarter, that wasn’t enough for the quarterback to overcome being ranked the worst quarterback for this past week.

In The Mercury News article, it says the following about the Texans quarterback and his performance in the loss to the Jets, a game where they Texans were held scoreless in the first, third and fourth quarters:

"“Up 14-3 on the Jets, Taylor’s last seven possessions against one of the NFL’s worst teams went like this: punt, punt, punt, punt, missed field goal, downs, end of game. Davis Mills is warming up in the bullpen.”"

Texans: Would Davis Mills make much difference for rest of 2021?

Bringing in Mills won’t make much difference in the final score of game because the rookie already has a handful of starts and Houston didn’t win any games either. Taylor does have more experience as a starting quarterback, and to be honest at this stage of the game he’s better than Mills.

Now the question is should the Texans use Mills again to see what they have in the rookie signal caller because the question of who will be the starting QB for the franchise in ’22 might be the biggest question of all this offseason.

Going back to Week 12 against New York, Taylor had two touchdown passes, but he finished the game 17-of-26 for 158 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Not all of the blame goes on Taylor in this loss.

Houston’s lack of a rushing games is downright sad and even past embarrassing at this point of the NFL season, and the entire offense as a whole is just bad.

Plain and simple Taylor wasn’t great by any means this past Sunday. Having two touchdown passes – and even with the poor second half – Taylor doesn’t deserve all of the blame losing to the Jets, though it is hard to argue his spot on the list as the Texans did lose to the Jets after all, and now have a worse overall record than that franchise.

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