The Houston Texans are wasting time by not playing Davis Mills

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

The time is now for the Houston Texans to start Davis Mills again.

The Houston Texans need to stop messing around and understand what they are. The state of this team is sinking rapidly, and signs of improvement are negligible. However, in recent weeks tight end Brevin Jordan and wide receiver Nico Collins have seen an increase in targets and playing time, allowing the Texans to see what they have in them.

Along with Brevin Jordan and Nico Collins, young defensive tackle Roy Lopez Jr has been a bright spot all season on the defensive line, consistently getting into the opposing team’s backfield. So, The question now becomes, “Why isn’t Davis Mills starting at Quarterback?”

The answer to that question is highly unclear. Tyrod Taylor is not the future, nor do many, if any, and insiders believe he will return next season. So why won’t the Texans see what they have at the most critical position in the sport of football?

How hard is it for the Houston Texans to give in and have Davis Mills start?

When Mills was starting earlier in the season, there was no doubt he had some promise. But, of course, he’s a rookie; that’s what is expected. So what’s Tyrod Taylor’s excuse? Since coming back from injury, he arguably has played worse than Mills ever did (other than the Buffalo game). No one can blame Taylor’s lack of talent, yet Mills played with the same weapons around him.

The Houston Texans need to start Davis Mills the rest of the season, beginning with the Indianapolis Colts game on December 5th. Playing Taylor is useless, makes no sense, and prohibits them from seeing if Mills is the future at the position.

With the draft becoming the main focus in a lost season, prioritizing young talent needs to be the utmost priority. David Culley needs to stop messing around down there on NRG Parkway and start Davis Mills.

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