Where do the Houston Texans pick after loss to the New York Jets?

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Last week, the New York Jets swapped draft positions with the Houston Texans.

Who would’ve thought that the Houston Texans would perform so badly that another swap would occur again? Except for hopeful Jets fans, not many people did. Heck, the Texans were even favorites for the spread in our gameday betting preview.

After Zach Wilson came back from injury and led the Jets to an albeit rocky win, the Texans now sit back where they were before the upset win against the Tennessee Titans. Yes, that’s right- the Texans have regained ownership of the second overall pick.

Unless the Detroit Lions (who currently own the first overall pick) go on a winning streak, the Texans won’t have a chance at the first overall selection. It may just be Detroit who decides who the Texans select when it’s all said and done.

The great debate for the Houston Texans: who to select at number two?

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, the Texans need help at just every position imaginable. Even with this quarterback class that isn’t the greatest, the Texans may just be forced into taking one when they don’t really want to.

Kenyon Green of Texas A&M would also be another fine selection, seeing how the five sacks that the Texans let up in their loss to the New York Jets would do wonders for whoever is the Texans’ quarterback next year.

If none of the above options are desirable, would the Texans try to get a trade partner? It may be the only way to get another draft pick that isn’t below the 5th round- a theme that General Manager Nick Caserio has done in virtually every trade this year.

With six more games to go, the draft can’t come soon enough. This team needs a total reboot from top to bottom as Houston’s future is bleaker than that of Detroit,

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