Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans: 3 bold predictions

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Houston Texans
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2) Justin Reid will get two interceptions off Ryan Tannehill

Justin Reid flies under the radar when it comes to good safeties in the NFL. Playing for a losing team will do that for you.  Reid started the year with two interceptions in the first two weeks but hasn’t had one since.

Tannehill only has eight interceptions thrown on the year, with his career-high 17. Despite Tannehill limiting his interceptions to single digits ever since he left Miami, Reid is the one to take him to the double-digit club.

Surprisingly, Tannehill’s “bad throw” rate stands at the highest since 2018, according to ProFootballReference. The 15.9% rate may not seem like a lot, but when that’s rounded up to 16% and the math is done it equals roughly 51 bad throws on the year.

For the Titans and Tannehill who don’t throw the ball that much, that lends creates the chance for more interceptions. Houston will blitz the heck out of Tannehill and force him into throwing the ball up for grabs.

Reid will get two of them.