Five things that have gone drastically wrong in 2021 for the Houston Texans

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Tim Kelly hasn’t been consistent in helping the Houston Texans offense

Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly has had an up-and-down year that’s seen Houston score points at will, and also at the same time not accomplish anything until the backups are in. Yes, there are issues with depth and the players that he has to work with- which is not Kelly’s fault.

The blame is on the consistency of this offense. The Texans rebounded from being shut out against Buffalo to owning a 22-9 lead on the New England Patriots which should’ve been the “student becomes master” moment for Nick Caserio and all the ex-New England staff that coaches in Houston.

Instead of a blowout, the offense blew a gasket and never recovered. Never scoring again, and not sustaining drives long enough to let Mac Jones and the Patriots come back to win on a last-second field goal.

It seems like the magic number is 22, as they’ve hit that number twice and they just stop scoring. Given the roster and lack of depth Houston has, it’s almost as if the offense needs to score 30+ every game just to be competitive.

Is it the fact that Davis Mills is looking like a true third-round rookie quarterback and trying to run an offense for the first time ever? Yes. Is it Kelly’s fault that Mills was held back in the Carolina game? Yes.

But is it Kelly’s fault that Mills is struggling to the point that he’s not that much better than Tyrod (minus the aberration that happened against the Dolphins)? It will be interesting to see who wins the starting job for the rest of the year and if that chosen person can put up points.