Houston Texans receive low grades for botching NFL trade deadline

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Houston Texans
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The trade deadline has come and gone in the NFL, and the Houston Texans were participants.

Just how well did Nick Caserio do in his first trade deadline as an NFL General Manager? That is the question. The players that were moved were on the more surprising side, based on their standing in the Houston Texans depth chart and production.

Of course, there were moves that should have been made but ultimately weren’t. Most specifically that’s referring to Deshaun Watson and Brandin Cooks. Watson not being traded isn’t too surprising given his legal situation, but at the same time, it’s disappointing.

After seeing how mad Brandin Cooks was at the Mark Ingram trade, it’s kind of a head-scratcher that the Texans did not offer him to a contender who desperately needs a wide receiver of his skill.

Each move will be analyzed in the coming slides. Did the Texans get enough in return? Did Nick Caserio do a good job, and what is his grade overall? Trying to see the future of this team is very cloudy at the moment, one could argue that the rebuild “mentality” has not been fully bought into by the higher-ups in the Texans organization.

In a season where there’s been little to celebrate, the trade deadline could have brought some future worries down had the proper compensation been achieved. The Texans whiffed on the chance to do so.

Let’s get into the grades of each transaction that happened, and analyze those that did not.