Houston Texans Week 8 Grades vs Los Angeles Rams

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Houston Texans
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Head Coach David Culley unfortunately is getting the brunt of the heavy criticism that this coaching staff is receiving so far this season. In recent weeks, the Texans have looked unprepared and unwilling to adjust on the fly when situations present themselves.

With the ever-changing roster and the lack of personnel this team has, it will come down to how the coaches adapt and manage the game if this team will win or lose on Sundays. Right now there seem to be no changes being made on the fly and many inconsistencies throughout the play on the field.

Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly currently has an offensive line that is out three of their main pieces. This makes it very difficult to create any type of running room for the backfield. They simply need to adjust their protection for Davis Mills so he doesn’t continue to get sacked multiple times each game and can get the passing attack going.

Lovie Smith looks unwilling to change his defensive scheme. The defense has repeatedly been dominated week after week and the unwillingness to change personnel and the structure of the defense makes fans wonder what the ultimate goal the coach is showing.

Overall, the Houston Texans are without NFL caliber depth throughout their lineup. They are in full-blown rebuild mode. The Texans and their coaching staff can’t find themselves doing such a poor job that fans lose hope in what the future will hold for the franchise. Ultimately it is on them to move the ship in the right direction and give players and fans something to build on as they move through this season.

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