Tyrod Taylor: Start, sit or trade?

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

I’m sure many of you love fantasy football. You get to be owner, GM, and head coach all at the same time- let’s talk about Tyrod Taylor.

So let’s become that now for the Houston Texans. With the trade deadline looming, what do we do with Tyrod Taylor? I’m sure many of you have consulted sites that answer your “Start or sit” questions. This article can be included in those other sites referenced above.

.I know many are begging to get Taylor back on the field to replace Mills, while others want him to continue to start, lose games and work towards a higher draft pick in 2022. Those options are discussed below:

Starting Tyrod Taylor might derail the mission and purpose of the rebuild

Let’s get Taylor to start again. Get him back out there and try to win. Let’s see if we can beat the likes of the Dolphins, Jets, and Jaguars.

Even possibly steal one against the struggling Seahawks. The Texans might get lucky and finish 7-10. Then what? What have we accomplished of value? There has to be a smarter way.

Should the Texans sit Tyrod Taylor?

Winning in 2021 seems counterproductive to the future of this franchise. The rebuilding of this team cannot start until Watson is traded and Caserio has multiple picks to start bringing young talent to this team.

So, the Texans could sit Taylor, draw closer to the number one overall pick, and let him walk in 2022. This gives Mills a veteran to give him some guidance, and Caserio the entire season to evaluate him and see if he could start. This makes a little more sense, as Mills is probably going to be here longer than Taylor will.

Should the Texans trade Tyrod Taylor?

In my opinion, this is the best option. Tyrod Taylor is a nice game manager who can win games and won’t hurt a team in the backup role as they endure short-term injuries. There are teams that need QB help, and the Texans need draft picks.

If Houston could get a 4th or 5th round pick for a guy who is likely to walk at the end of the season, that’s gold. Right now the Texans need to “hoard” draft picks more than wins.

Trading him is not a knock on Taylor-It’s doing him a favor. He could go to a team with a chance to start for a little bit, then settle into a nice backup role for a contender. The Texans need to look towards 2022 and beyond. Fight for draft picks and not wins right now. I wish it were not the case, but this is going to be a relatively long process.

Let me give you some encouragement because I know this is going to be rough. In 2011 Jim Crane bought the Astros. He tore the team down, dumped salary, traded fan favorites, took the abuse, stayed on track with the plan, and in 2017 brought a trophy to Houston.

In the NFL players are ready to play much faster than their MLB counterparts, and if Caserio makes the right calls in the draft and in free agency, the Texans could make us all proud as soon as 2023.

Be patient folks. It could be worse. We could have no team at all.

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