Houston Texans Week 7 Was A Failure against Cardinals

Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl Houston Texans At Arizona Cardinals
Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl Houston Texans At Arizona Cardinals /

The Houston Texans grade for Week 7? A big “F”. 

The Houston Texans’ effort and execution in their Sunday loss by the hands of the Arizona Cardinals can be described only one way, a failure.

Houston posted their fourth game of the season with scoring less than 10 points. Unfortunately for Texans fans, this team is showing no signs of improvement throughout this season. The game started off well for the Texans when they were able to force a safety and then get a field goal from their special teams unit.

Then the wheels fell off hard. The offense sputtered with each possession only accumulating 160 total yards. Davis Mills was unable to find any consistency down the field and was responsible for the team’s lone turnover with his fumble in the second quarter. If this offense wants to find any ability to score points on a consistent basis, it may only happen if Tyrod Taylor is able to return behind center.

Realistically, the only main positives for the Houston Texans in their blowout loss was the 53-yard field goal from Ka’imi Fairbairn in the 2nd quarter and the Lonnie Johnson Jr. interception off of Kyler Murray in the 3rd quarter of play.

The Houston Texans have hit the dark days of the franchise. During the game, the announcers do not seem interested in the team, the players can find themselves looking disengaged, and the fans are ultimately disappointed.

All in all, it is hard not to feel bad for the situation that Texans Head Coach, David Culley has been given. If fans were expecting playoff-caliber football out of this team, unfortunately, they were way off base. The personnel that the Texans have just isn’t there to be able to compete week in and week out in the NFL.

David Culley is working hard at what he does, that isn’t the issue. The issue becomes what will General Manager Nick Caserio do with the personnel he does have. Some players may need to be moved to increase the Texans’ draft capital so they can build for the future.

Culley puts a lot of the weight on himself and sure isn’t afraid to speak his mind and look at each aspect of the coaching staff’s philosophy with this team.

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