Houston Texans offense wastes defense’s effort in loss

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

10. 31. 32. Final. 5

The Houston Texans nearly did the impossible, then reality happened.

After the Houston Texans defense got the team out to a bizarre 5-0 lead, the Houston Texans’ offense sputtered like normal and nothing else of significance happened for the rest of the game. Brandin Cooks dropped three passes, and another brutal penalty on Jordan Akins killed another drive. Not to mention David Johnson falling down on a screen play with only Texans blockers around.

All in all, today was brutal as usual for the Texans. Where is there any room for improvement for this team? When the focus of the announcers is about trading Deshaun Watson during the game, you know the team has hit rock bottom.

Whether the blame falls on the offensive line, Cooks, Johnson, or the offensive coordinator, Tim Kelly, the point is the Texans are quickly closing in on the first overall pick in April’s draft. A six-game losing streak is what they own and no relief is in sight with the L.A. Rams coming to town next week.

Houston Texans lose to their former franchise players

It was a field day for J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins had a touchdown in the first half, and Watt had a very effective day against the Texans’ offense. Max Scharping was schooled by Watt and the Cardinals’ defense.

It was brutal enough that Hopkins went to Arizona in that infamous trade, but Watt joining him via free agency only made the loss hurt worse. With Arizona being undefeated, it brings up the question of “what if?” You can go from whatever direction you want with this.

It’s going to be an even longer season, and if the Houston Texans can get another win that doesn’t affect draft position, that would be great. But will it happen? Probably not.