Sam Darnold benching should notify Texans to trade Deshaun Watson


If there’s anything as intentional subliminal messaging, the Panthers showed they want Deshaun Watson.

In their abysmal loss to the New York Giants today, the Carolina Panthers benched Sam Darnold in favor of ex-XFL star P.J. Walker. In a highly questionable move, Carolina traded for Darnold in the offseason. There was a random 3-0 start, and then the four-game losing streak has brought the Panthers right back down to earth.

On Saturday night, Matt Lombardo mentioned that the Carolina Panthers were still a potential landing spot for Deshaun Watson. Watson’s 20-plus accusations of sexual misconduct have still yet to be played out in a court of law. That move to bench Darnold cannot go unnoticed by the Houston Texans and Nick Caserio.

Yes, the Dolphins may have the most draft capital on the table, but trading Watson out of the AFC is the best thing for them. Given the rotation of schedule for the NFL, the Texans wouldn’t see Watson for at least four more years, possibly eight.

Deshaun Watson to the Carolina Panthers makes Carolina a playoff team

A team that has as many offensive weapons as Carolina does between D.J. Moore, Robby Anderson, and when healthy, Christian McCaffrey should be a playoff team. Sam Darnold is the antithesis of that and we’re seeing the version we all know from his time in New York.

Matt Rhule has a defense that could be even better if their offense could get some points to support, which would allow them to pin their ears back and play more aggressively. A trade idea can be seen in the article linked above for Carolina and Houston.

Whatever offer the Texans have from anyone, they need to agree to it fast. The trade deadline is approaching and not every team that could be involved will want to give up more as the date comes closer.

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