Houston Texans: Will Deshaun Watson trade to Dolphins actually happen?

Mandatory Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports /

The Deshaun Watson trade rumors and trade talk cycle has started up once again, but this time is it actually for real or it is just more from “sources” when it comes to the best quarterback in Houston Texans history finally being traded?

The main team being reported interested in Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is the Miami Dolphins as that has seemed to be the case since Watson has asked to be traded from the only franchise he’s ever played for.

Miami might be in need of a quarterback as there are trade rumors that they want to trade their current starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to another team who is in need of a quarterback, that possibly being the Washington Football Team.

Here is a tweet from “The Pat McAfee Show” where NFL Insider Ian Rapport says the following in a tweeted video from their show about Tagovailoa, as this probably has to happen for a Deshaun Watson trade to go down involving the the Texans and Dolphins:

The question was asked in a Toro Times article earlier this week because all of the trade rumors involving got going again, as the trade deadline of Nov. 2 keeps getting closer, and that question was is Watson tradeable during the ’21 season? It still isn’t a done deal yet, and depending on who you believe, who knows if one will happen anytime soon.

Houston Texans: Will the NFL even let Deshaun Watson play this year?

With all of the legal off-the-field issues surrounding Deshaun Watson, again one must also ask will the NFL let Deshaun Watson play in a game this year with all the is happening away from the football field and the nature of the legal issues? That decision by the NFL will be interesting to say the least.

There is also the fact which team is willing to pay the price to trade for Deshaun Watson that the Texans have been reportedly been asking for, which to the case of Texans general manager Nick Caserio …. Good for him.

The Texans can’t give away a talented quarterback like Watson for just a couple draft picks. They have to get multiple first round draft picks, and some other Day 2 draft choices. Sorry, that is the price a team has to pay for a generational quarterback like Watson if they want him on their roster. The days of the Texans trading players for the sake of trading them is over … we hope.

There have been Watson trade rumors for the Carolina Panthers showing some interest as well, but here is what was tweeted by Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News on Thursday:

Then there was this tweet from FanSided national football writer Matt Lombardo on the Deshaun Watson trade value:

It should be simple for the Houston Texans and general manager Nick Caserio … Don’t trade Watson for the sake of trading him. The team will still lose way more than they’ll win in ’21 and probably in ’22 as well, so why rush this process?

If there is a “bidding war” starting, that’s great for the Texans, but they have to obtain multiple first round picks, and if they are late first round picks, then a current NFL player or two has to be involved in the trade. That’s also not including Day 2 selections that also must be included in any trade involving Watson.

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Yes, that is a steep price, but the Texans are one of the worst teams in the league with a top-tier quarterback ready to be traded. They have to get the very best deal, and eventually they will if the “trust the process” so to speak The Texans have to continue to show great patience as a deal for Watson will possibly be the biggest key to improvement, and biggest decision for the Houston Texans rebuild.