Houston Texans: Is Deshaun Watson untradeable in 2021?

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

Have the Houston Texans made quarterback Deshaun Watson untradeable during the 2021 season? The asking price has been reported to be very high for the Pro Bowl quarterback Watson, but he’s worth waiting for the right deal, but is that deal coming in-season?

When Deshaun Watson is on the field he’s a Top 5 to Top 10 quarterback in the entire NFL, but is the asking price too high for Watson considering he hasn’t played all season?

Plus with Watson we don’t know what type of football shape he’s in, and nobody really knows what’s going on with his numerous off-the-field issues that could take him off the field sometime in the future as well.

Take the off-the-field issues away at the moment when talking about Deshaun Watson, and in just football terms he’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, even if he hasn’t played all season.

Watson in his previous four seasons in the NFL has amassed 14,539 passing yards as he’s completed 1,186 passes for 104 touchdowns. Also remember Deshaun Watson is a dual-threat when on the football field with 307 career rushes for 1,677 yards in 54 career games, including 53 starts.

In ’20 Watson started all 16 games, leading the NFL in passing yardage with 4,823 yards, and he had 33 touchdown passes. It was the second time in four seasons that Watson passed for 4,000-plus yards. In fact, the two seasons where Deshaun Watson has passed for 4,000-plus yards he’s started all 16 games. In ’19 he started 15 games, and passed for 3,852 yards and 26 touchdowns.

Deshaun Watson: Are the Houston Texans wanting too much for the QB?

Being one of the best in the business as a starting quarterback, and knowing that the quarterback Watson doesn’t want to be there, the Texans have no choice but to trade him. Texans general manager Nick Caserio isn’t a fool, so he’s going to make sure he gets the very most for Deshaun Watson in a trade.

Saying that, the feeling here is Watson won’t be traded during the ’21 season, rather once some teams know where they stand in the draft at the end of this year, that’s when the talks for Watson will really heat up again, again depending what happens with all his legal issues too.

There is always the Philadelphia Eagles who could have three Top 10 picks available to them at the end of the season, depending on the outcome of teams they have first round draft pick rights. The Miami Dolphins are also questionable at quarterback, and by the time the season ends who knows where they will stand, and it seems like a destination that Watson would agree to be traded too.

Maybe the New Orleans Saints could be a trade partner as they don’t have a superstar at quarterback anymore like they had with Drew Brees, but they have an excellent offense to surround Watson with. A lot of it comes down to who Watson will accept a trade to, so that limits the Houston Texans’ trade opportunities.

So far the Texans front office have stuck to their word and haven’t traded Watson for a lower value than they want. It doesn’t seem the Texans will budge during in-season and will show the patience needed to get the very most for Deshaun Watson in a trade.

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This is what’s best for the Texans right now, and to be honest, Deshaun Watson seems untradeable to any team at a high-value until his off-the-field issues come to a resolution, even if he’s one of the very best players in the NFL when he’s on the field.