Fans react to absence of Deshaun Watson after Tyrod Taylor injury

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

Tyrod Taylor left today’s game. Football fans were wondering, “Where’s Deshaun Watson?”

When Tyrod Taylor left the game against the Cleveland Browns today, many thought they would see Deshaun Watson enter the game. Watson was ruled out before the game started as a healthy scratch, as the Texans await a decision in Watson’s legal matters.

Mills led a touchdown drive, but the Texans couldn’t get it done, falling in a 31-21 decision that actually had the Texans tied at halftime. Now with only one healthy QB on the roster that isn’t Watson (Mills), the Texans are going to either bring in another replacement for Taylor or perhaps even trade Watson.

Yesterday, Chris Mortensen of ESPN went on a local radio show and expressed his beliefs that Deshaun Watson will play this season. There have been countless articles that our staff here at Toro Times have written about potential trade partners.

At the same time, this is an NFL that saw Greg Hardy throw his significant other onto a pile of guns and Hardy was still allowed to play. There are other instances, fill in the blank with the player you can think of. It’s surprising that an NFL team hasn’t traded for Watson and just played him until he wasn’t allowed to play anymore.

The price isn’t going to be more justified more than now. With Tua Tagovailoa being hurt, the Dolphins need to call the Texans and strike up a trade.

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