ESPN Analyst says Deshaun Watson will play this season, Dolphins best trade partner

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(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

It’s been pretty quiet on the Deshaun Watson front for quite some time.

That was until ESPN 97.5FM in Houston hosted Chris Mortensen during their “The Wheelhouse” with Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, & Brad Kellner. Mortensen elaborated on the fact that Deshaun Watson is still an active player, thus giving him the chance to be traded.  Mortensen added the fact that because this is still true (him being active, but ruled out each week) is the reason that a trade will most likely happen.

Who would be the best suitor, you ask? Mortensen linked the Miami Dolphins as the best place to go. There is no idea if the Dolphins really love Tua Tagovailoa that much. Fans of all teams can see this and it doesn’t take a trained eye to do so. Earlier this year, Toro Times put up a bunch of potential trade idea articles.

It would be the best thing for the Houston Texans to do- ship off Watson for an incredible price that sets your franchise up for success, and take a key player (or two) from Miami while you’re at it. Imagine the hype of picking Carson Strong and having Xavien Howard or anyone else off of the Dolphins roster and tons of high draft picks.

Deshaun Watson could still be traded elsewhere

The Carolina Panthers are also in the same boat as the Dolphins, as Mortensen eluded to in the interview. If you had to pick between Sam Darnold or Deshaun Watson based on “on the field” talent alone, 100% of the time the choice would be Watson.

Philadelphia was also another name listed, but the promising start of Jalen Hurts vs. Atlanta may prevent a trade from happening. This is why the next time an offer is made for Watson, the deal needs to get done. The rate of diminishing returns only increases the further the Texans go into the season.

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Trade Watson, get the foundation set for the future and return to being a playoff contender in Houston.

Audio Credit: The Wheelhouse with Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, & Brad Kellner on ESPN 97.5 Houston”