Houston Texans: Embrace the rebuild

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It is time to embrace the Houston Texans rebuild.

With the Houston Texans trade of cornerback Bradley Roby, the vision and direction of general manager Nick Caserio is obvious. The Houston Texans since their inception in 2002 have avoided the full rebuild and have sided on the path of retooling the roster- which has never paid off.

While it may be difficult to come to grips with or to understand, what Caserio is doing is the right thing to do. When Caserio arrived in Houston this offseason the Texans’ roster was had terrible contracts from top to bottom, and their draft capital was slim to none.

Players like Randall Cobb, Whitney Mercilus, Nick Martin had some of those contracts, and the list goes on with players making too much money for the lack of production they provided. Once Caserio arrived he began the re-wiring of this entire team from top to bottom.

With the combination of trades, cuts, and restructuring contracts the financial black hole the Houston Texans had themselves in for years to come is clearing up with every move Caserio makes.

To top off the cap relief that Caserio has created going forward, he’s also gained draft capital through multiple trades including Roby, Cobb, and Shaq Lawson.

While it hasn’t been announced what the compensation from New Orleans Saints will be for Bradley Roby, one can assume it might be at best a third-round draft pick adding to the list of assets Caserio has acquired since arriving in Houston.

Houston Texans fans should be patient with Nick Caserio

With the understanding that the jury is still out on Caserio until the haul for Deshaun Watson is known, all of us should appreciate the work he has already done.

The mess left behind by Bill O’Brien’s (and a handful of others’) incompetence, this team was in a wasteland with no end in sight with or without Watson. The job Caserio has already done is outstanding and he’s just getting started.

It’s time to embrace the rebuild. We may have seen Watson in the starting QB position for the final time walking off the field in 2020.

Caserio is going to acquire the absolute most draft capital that he can heading into the 2022 NFL Draft to start the rebuild of the future of the Texans roster.

He can continue the rebuild while holding onto key veteran players like Chris Conley, Maliek Collins, Justin Britt, and Christian Kirksey to name a few from the 2021 season if he chooses to do so.

Like it or not, Houston Texans fans this year is about setting the culture, not about winning games. It’s about fixing mistakes of the past so that the future can be bright.

This rebuild has been in the making for a long time, and it’s time to do things the right way. It is time to strip it down to the nuts and bolts and build it new. Caserio has come a long way in a short time.

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As hard as it may be to see now, this team and organization headed down the right path with the right man steering the ship.