Houston Texans: A Top 100 pick for Bradley Roby is best for business

Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans gained a Top 100 pick for the 2022 NFL Draft and more for Bradley Roby.

Here is the deal with the Houston Texans trade of Bradley Roby to the New Orleans Saints this week: It needed to happen, and both sides got what they wanted in the trade, which is the Saints improved today, and the Texans hopefully will improve in future seasons.

Sure, the Houston Texans are taking on a lot of the contract, but turning it into a signing bonus helps the bank account of Roby, the Texans aren’t going to have that money on the salary cap, and it allowed the Saints to give the Texans a Day 2 draft pick.

The final deal seems to be Roby to the Saints for a ’22 third-round draft pick and a ’23 sixth-round pick, and the Texans will not have $9.2 million against the cap, so for a team in complete rebuild mode, general manager Nick Caserio did very well in this trade.

For those upset that Roby is no longer on the roster, remember he was on the Houston Texans for many weeks last season, and the Texans had one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL. As the outlook of this season doesn’t seem to have a lot of wins ahead, why not trade a player who can bring value with a couple draft picks, but trade him to a team in the NFC?

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The best part of this trade is the third-round pick because being a team that needs all the draft capital possible, paying most of the Roby contact as a signing bonus is worth it to gain such a valuable Day 2 pick.

Houston Texans: How many Top 100 picks does team have right now?

After this trade was completed, it gives the Houston Texans four Top 100 picks with their original first-, second- and third-round picks, plus the Saints third-rounder. The Texans also have three sixth-round picks and a seventh-round selection (from Dallas Cowboys). They have traded their original fourth- and fifth-round picks and seventh-round picks.

The fourth-round pick allowed them to select rookie wide receiver Nico Collins in the fourth round in the ’21 NFL Draft, and from what has happened with training camp and the preseason, expectations are exciting for the rookie as he is sure to improve as the season moves along.

The Texans in trading their other picks received Anthony Miller at wide receiver from the Bears and Ka’Dar Hollman for a seventh-round pick.

Though this season might not be the best in the standings, this 17-game schedule is worth watching and tracking because all of us will see exactly who on this Houston Texans team will be staying for future seasons.

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We’ll also be watching some players for the last time, as Caserio works on making the Texans roster the way he wants it, and that included this trade of Roby and gaining draft capital.