Houston Texans: Top 4 moves that helped franchise in 2021

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What have been the Top 5 moves made by the Houston Texans that have helped in 2021?

Since taking over as general manager of the Houston Texans, Nick Caserio has revamped most of the roster from what it looked like before he arrived, and in doing so he is setting the vision of what he and the rest of the Texans front office wants this franchise to eventually become.

In the early stages of Caserio’s general manager career, he’s let players have their release, he’s traded players who were long-time starters, relieved the team of poor contracts, added veteran players to short-term deals, cut past draft picks and made some draft choices which are built on future potential being reached.

He’s even managed to not let all of the news concerning Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson implode the franchise, no matter what opinions are on the topic and no matter if Watson is at practices or not.

One of the best moves made by Caserio and the decision makers of the Houston Texans has been hiring Lovie Smith as the defensive coordinator, and time will tell what will happen with David Culley in his first year as a head coach, though he’s been an assistant coach at the pro and collegiate level for 40-plus years.

This team isn’t the same team that Bill O’Brien built and was eventually fired for building, and the results from this preseason have given the Houston Texans a glimmer of hope they won’t be the worst team in the NFL once the ’21 season is over.

With all of the changes, it does make a person wonder what have been the moves that have  helped the Houston Texans the most? Next are the Top 4 moves made by the Texans this offseason that will help in 2021.

Houston Texans No. 4: Hiring Nick Caserio as the general manager

Remember before this offseason and before the Texans previously hired O’Brien as the general manager, the Texans wanted Caserio as their general manager. There was also the New England Patriots having none of it, and there were possible tampering issues, and that idea was left to be had for another day.

That day eventually came on Jan. 7, 2021, and the Texans rang in the new year with a new general manager, the one they wanted in the first place. Though the jury isn’t completely out on Caserio’s tenure with the Texans since a regular-season game hasn’t even been played yet, some of the moves made by the first-year manager have stood out, which we will get to later.

Caserio is good for the Texans franchise, and though some of the others in the front office might not be the best for the Texans, hiring Caserio from the Patriots is a Top 4 move made by Houston since the end of last season.