Houston Texans: So far, so good with David Culley

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The first-year head coach of the Houston Texans, David Culley has done a fine job so far. 

Handed a roster and team that would spontaneously combust with the Deshaun Watson sexual assault allegations. Culley saw through the fire and alongside new general Manager Nick Caserio, they both have given some light into the darkness that shrouded this franchise not too long ago.

Picking up Tyrod Taylor has given the team more quiet confidence- which the Houston Texans truly needed. Simultaneously, Culley’s humble approach to coaching has seemingly steadied the ship here with one week left to go in the preseason.

This may be premature, but Culley is proving to be the right hire. Albeit preseason, the 65-year-old Culley has delivered two big wins over the Green Bay Packers and upstate rival Dallas Cowboys. This is a team that is still chosen to be the worst in the league- and these two wins have given some cautious optimism heading forward.

David Culley and the Houston Texans may not be as atrocious as predicted

Taking a look back at the games where the Texans lost by less than 7 points,  and the box score will show that the Texans were so close to changing their record from 4-12 to 11-5. This Texans team lost seven one-score games. One play in each of those games would have changed a lot for this team had it gone Houston’s way.

It’s not like these were cupcake teams either, as these losses were to the likes of Pittsburgh, Tennesse,  and Cleveland just to name a few. All that has to occur for the team to get there is just not to make a crazy amount of mistakes or penalties that implode progress in each game.

If Tyrod Taylor can be serviceable and the defensive line can maintain their hot start, then there should be plenty of opportune possessions for the Texans. Culley will be heading into unchartered waters once the regular season begins.

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If his preseason body of work is anything to be relied upon, then the Texans could surprise this year.