Houston Texans: Five most underrated moves of the offseason

Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Nico Collins, Houston Texans
Nico Collins of Michigan, was drafted by the Houston Texans11302019 Umosu 1sthalf 26 /

No. 4: Drafting Nico Collins in the third round

Drafting wide receiver Nico Collins was one of the bolder moves made by the Houston Texans this offseason. The reason isn’t because of the talent level possessed by Collins, but for the simple fact the Texans in rebuilding their roster traded three draft picks to move up to the 89th overall pick to select the Michigan wide receiver, who didn’t play a collegiate snap in 2020.

Collins can become a special player for the Texans in future seasons. To select Collins, even without a ’20 season, that makes this move impressive because he has a chance to start games and make an impact this season for Houston starting in Week 1.

What is exciting about Collins being on the roster is the Houston Texans need to replace Will Fuller on the roster, and the choice of the Michigan wide receiver makes a lot of sense because he is fast and strong with proof being he ran the 40-yard dash at 4.43 seconds being 6’4″ and 222 pounds.

Collins is signed with the Texans for four years after signing a contract for nearly $5 million, so he’s happy, the Texans should be happy, and when the results start to happen, many will realize there should be more talk about the move the Texans made during the ’21 NFL Draft.