Texans Telegram: Deshaun Watson reconciliation not on horizon after latest move

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Deshaun Watson
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Trust me, we wish the Deshaun Watson news would end just like the rest of you.

However, the Houston Texans and their new regime led by Jack Easterby and general manager Nick Caserio. In fact, on player privately expressed to ESPN about just how dysfunctional this organization is becoming:

"“One player privately commented to ESPN that the Texans are weeding out employees who were not hired by executive vice president Jack Easterby and new general manager Nick Caserio and they’re replacing them with employees who will be indebted to them for their work.”"

Their latest example? Another person who was tied to the favor of Watson.

The Texans’ latest blunder

Little known piece of information, but equipment managers are the gatekeepers of information within locker rooms, and players will connect with them throughout the season. Watson connected with Mike Parson, now formerly the equipment manager of the Texans.

Parson has now been dismissed by the organization as the reign of Easterby is now taking over in Houston. In fact, per the same story where Adam Schefter spoke with a private player, this move is sitting quite unwell with the players within the locker room in Houston.

When will Deshaun Watson madness end?

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Watson has done all that he can for now. He has expressed his dissatisfaction with the organization, and he has asked to be traded from the team. The Texans, however, seem to be unwilling to trade Watson, and are not even entertaining any phone calls from other teams despite his request.

This will not end well, and will look similar to that of Carson Palmer at the end of his tenure with the Cincinnati Bengals, and Trent Williams with the Washington Football Team. While Watson’s agent dispelled rumors that he would skip camp, it would be a shot to see the superstar report this summer if he has not been moved by the team. The days of telling players to shut up and play is over, and Watson has every right to look to leave a dysfunctional franchise and find a new home.

Next. 3 Nick Caserio connection who could be next Texans quarterback. dark

Caserio and Easterby are only making the issue worse by stonewalling Watson and making him even more unhappy. Reconciliation between the two sides is completely out the window at this point, and the Texans are not only keeping Watson unhappy, but making others within the locker room just as disgruntled as well.