Eric Bieniemy’s 2nd interview was the AFC Championship game

Eric Bieniemy​ Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Bieniemy​ Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /
Eric Bieniemy, Houston Texans
Eric Bieniemy​ Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

Eric Bieniemy should already have an offer to be the next head coach of the Houston Texans, and if he didn’t before Sunday’s AFC Championship game victory by the Kansas City Chiefs, well the Texans should have been on the phone with him as soon as that game was finished to have a chat.

It has been reported that the Texans and Eric Bieniemy will be having a second interview soon, and that another candidate, Leslie Frazier, the defensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, is also on the second interview list.

As solid of a DC that Frazier is — and even if he does have previous experience as a NFL head coach — the only question that should be remaining for the Texans to ask is what type of dinner does Bieniemy want on the flight to Houston at the conclusion of the Super Bowl in two weeks.

After seeing how Eric Bieniemy coached the offense of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and the plays that were drawn up by Bieniemy and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid — then perfected by the likes of Patrick Mahomes — there is no doubt that the Texans should hire him as soon as the Super Bowl is over.

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The play of the Chiefs offense in Sunday’s AFC Championship game should just the cherry on top of the sundae for the Texans to finally make an offer to Eric Bieniemy. If that performance didn’t show what an offense is supposed to look like and be like, then there isn’t much hope for the front office of the Texans from here on out.

Remember, the Texans finished 4-12 overall with Deshaun Watson being the passing leader of the NFL this past season, but he did so without much of a running game to help out, and an offensive line that had some injury issues.

Texans offense of Eric Bieniemy with Deshaun Watson would work great

Imagine a Texans offense created by Eric Bieniemy as the head coach, and ran by Deshaun Watson on the field. Can you feel the goosebumps already?

As for the future offensive coordinator, if that is Tim Kelly, that is fine. If that coordinator is someone else, that is fine as well. The important part of the Texans for 2021 and in the rebuild of their team is having Eric Bieniemy as the head coach, and Watson as the quarterback.

Seeing how players have interacted with Bieniemy during and after the AFC Championship game shows the respect he has within the Kansas City locker room. Seeing some of the plays the Chiefs have ran during the playoffs on fourth down can make a football fan excited and should energize fans of the Texans.

This has been said before on these pages, but it is worth repeating… Eric Bieniemy is the right coach to lead the Houston Texans on a new path. Maybe Bieniemy is the head coach choice that will keep Watson happy and keep him from asking to be traded. Maybe Bieniemy — if Watson decides to ask for a trade  — is the head coach that can help create another big NFL star at the position.

Any way you put things, the dream is seeing an Eric Bieniemy offense as the Houston Texans playbook with Deshaun Watson running those plays with the likes of David Johnson, Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller (if he returns) and Jordan Akins in 2021.

If that happens, and the offensive line of the Texans can stay healthy, especially left tackle Laremy Tunsil, then the focus can switch to fixing the defense and finding the right defensive coordinator to lead that area of the team.

Would the Texans look and play like the Chiefs in Week 1 of the 2021 season if they make the right call and select Eric Bieniemy as their new head coach? Not at first because all involved would have to learn all new aspects of an NFL offense, but the Texans would become contenders in the AFC eventually.

All of that said, Houston will have problems if they pass on Bieniemy as their next head coach. He’s a very smart and talented football mind and coach, and his time is now to lead an NFL franchise. The Texans are in need of a leader who can change things, and that coach is Eric Bieniemy.

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The performance by the Chiefs offense in the AFC Championship was the final statement made by Eric Bieniemy, and now the ball is on the Texans’ court. They have to make maybe the most important decision in franchise history, because a lot rides on their choice as the next head coach.

That right choice is Eric Bieniemy.