Houston Texans: Last team without a head coach

offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /
Eric Bieniemy, Houston Texans
Eric Bieniemy Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans are now the last team without a head coach after the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to hire Nick Sirianni, according to multiple reports, including Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Remember, the Texans fired Bill O’Brien as their head coach following a Week 4 loss, meaning they were the first team to fire their head coach, and now have waited to be the last team this offseason to hire their new head coach.

That is OK, because there are still plenty of solid candidates for the Houston Texans to choose from, including Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who is still a possibility to become the next head coach of the franchise. There is also a chance the next Houston Texans head coach could be Leslie Frazier, or others who are still available that have been interviewed by the Texans.

To be quite honest, the Houston Texans should have already had a decision as to who their next head coach will be, and if it isn’t Eric Bieniemy, well, they better hope the coach they could choose over him repairs this franchise and makes them better than they’ve ever been.

Even players who have been coached by Bieniemy don’t understand why he hasn’t been named a head coach for one of the 32 teams in the NFL. The tweet below consists of Alex Smith talking highly of Bieniemy this offseason:

The Houston Texans can’t mess this decision up, and they have to choose the right coach in this process. Some teams have breezed through this process, but it seems with new general manager Nick Caserio, the Houston Texans are taking their time, as they know this is one of the most important decisions in franchise history they are about to make.

Houston Texans News: Time to make the right decision

In the past, the Texans have been known to not make the best decisions within their front office, and this offseason alone they must know that the decision that is made will affect the mood of franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

If the right decision isn’t made that Watson approves of, this whole offseason will be for naught, because the Texans need Watson to be happy. It would be nice for the Houston Texans to actually listen to what preference their QB wants as his head coach, whether it be Bieniemy or someone else.

My preference is Bieniemy because the success he’s had working with Andy Reid has to have worked well in his favor. The Chiefs offense is exciting to watch, and Bieniemy has to know a good player when he sees one.

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Bieniemy deserves to be a head coach in the NFL, and the Houston Texans could finally be the smartest team in the room if they make the decision to hire Bieniemy. If they do so, the offense of the Texans could finally not be super predictable, and just imagine the success Deshaun Watson could have entering the prime years of his career.