Houston Texans: Humiliation, anger and more questions than answers

Houston Texans chairman and chief operating officer D. Cal McNair Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Houston Texans chairman and chief operating officer D. Cal McNair Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
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Jack Easterby, Houston Texans
Houston Texans executive vice president Jack Easterby (left) and chief executive officer D. Cal McNair Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans:  Is there manipulation within the organization?

I am not going to rehash the entire Jack Easterby situation because I already did that a few days ago. However, I do want to update what I originally wrote with some ground-breaking tweets that recently took Houston Texans Twitter by storm, starting with this one from Pro Football Talk:

PFT also had this tweet involving Jack Easterby and his influence in some of the decision making by the front office of the Houston Texans:

These tweets tell me the following information:

• There is a high level of manipulation in this organization, and Cal McNair may have not been the only one that was fooled by it. Maybe Easterby’s manipulation technique is part of what is bringing on the atmosphere of “mistrust,” according to the article that brings to light all of Easterby’s alleged wrongdoings.

This manipulation is extremely dangerous for the organization and can easily result in further damage. This entire episode makes me wonder if McNair has been manipulated by Easterby other times as well in past decisions. Easterby clearly has no respect for McNair if he has done this several times, or even once.

• Clearly Easterby pushed for Caserio for his own job security and self-benefit, ignoring the current process the Houston Texans were going through. This tells me that Easterby doesn’t fit at all any of the qualities that Cal McNair mentioned in the press conference following Caserio’s hiring. Basically, we are all clueless on what Easterby brings to the table.

• There are others around the league who are skeptical about Easterby and would definitely get rid of him if they had the chance. This means that the fan base isn’t delusional, and the only people who are delusional are the front office members building the Houston Texans around Easterby instead of Watson.

What exactly is Easterby’s job? Vice President of Football Operations? More specifics, please? Bill Belichick, the current head coach of the New England Patriots who has had years of experience working with Easterby, said, “He isn’t a personnel person” when asked about Easterby.

Did the Texans even inform Watson they were going with Omar Khan originally? Did they inform Watson that Khan was one of their finalists? When the gears switched elsewhere toward Caserio, because of Easterby, why wasn’t Watson informed?

Would Watson even be upset if the Houston Texans hired Khan, because apparently he would’ve fired Easterby.

So putting all this together… here is what I’ve concluded:

• Easterby doesn’t bring any skillset to the front office that stands out, from what I’m aware of. To me, it seems like any die-hard fan could just take his place and the fan base would see dramatic improvement.

• Easterby was part of a Houston Texans front office with Bill O’Brien that made horrible trades and signings, and he possibly had a big say in personnel.

• Easterby allegedly pushed a hire for a certain GM that he knew would save his own job and completely disregarded what was best for the organization and made the franchise QB unhappy.

The question still remains: “What does Easterby bring that is worth all of the speculation and hatred from the fanbase?” Don’t say “things,” Cal, because we know that’s what you’re thinking.

Easterby needs to go. If the Houston Texans front office fails to see that, then they should be ashamed of themselves.