Report: Houston Texans to hire Nick Caserio as GM

Nick Caserio talks with Robert Craft the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Nick Caserio talks with Robert Craft the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
Houston Texans, Nick Caserio
Nick Caserio talks with Robert Craft the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans have finally found their next general manager.

Just over 48 hours after the final game of the 2020 regular season, the Houston Texans have zeroed in on their new general manager. Tuesday night, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Houston Texans have chosen New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio as their next general manager.

The 45-year old Caserio has been with the Patriots organization since 2001, and he has served in a different variety of roles throughout his time in Foxboro.

While Caserio has mainly spent time in New England’s front office, he also has a bit of experience as a coach. Most notably, Caserio served as the Patriots’ wide receivers coach in 2007.

Over the past decade, Caserio really settled in with his role as the director of player personnel.

Interestingly enough, Rapoport also reflected a bit more about the evolution of Nick Caserio’s role in Foxboro.

Rapoport went as far as to say Caserio had been acting as New England’s “de facto” GM over the past several years, and it is impossible to ignore the success the Patriots have celebrated over the past 20 years.

It will be fascinating to learn more details about how this search process went down in the coming days, especially regarding the role Jack Easterby may or may not have had during this search process. Easterby came to the Houston Texans by way of New England in April of 2019 and was given a promotion last January when he was named the executive vice president of football operations.

Considering Easterby and Caserio worked together in New England for six years, it seems obvious that Easterby had significant input throughout this search. To put it lightly, I am sure a lot of Houston Texans’ fans will have mixed opinions regarding this development.

You can not really deny Caserio’s sustained record of success, however. Most people primarily attribute the success of the Patriots dynasty to the likes of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, but you certainly will not win six Super Bowls in two decades without a well-run front office. Caserio is a proven winner, which is why he has become such a hot commodity throughout league circles over the past couple of years.

As with any big hire, there will undoubtedly be skeptics. As Seth Payne of SportsRadio 610 pointed out earlier, the Patriots really have not drafted well over the past couple of years.

It is difficult to say how much blame Caserio should or should not warrant for that drafting record. One thing is for sure, though, if the Texans are to get back into the playoffs in the next couple of years, they have to start drafting well. If New England’s poor track record of drafting over the past couple of years is the fault of Caserio, let us hope that a fresh start will do him some good.

Perhaps he and the Houston Texans’ front office will also look to overhaul the scouting department and bring a more modern approach to the organization. Also remember, currently the Houston Texans don’t have a 2021 first or second round pick, and finished the 2020 season at 4-12 overall.

Caserio will have his work cut out for him, and the Texans do deserve some credit for locking him early if he was indeed their guy. We know for sure Caserio had already interviewed with the Carolina Panthers, and perhaps could have had more opportunities lined up.

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The Houston Texans said they wanted to hire a general manager before a head coach, and they have accomplished that. If Caserio can replicate even a fraction of the success he had in New England in Houston, I think it is safe to say that this will turn out just fine.