4 under-the-radar Houston Texans who will impact 2020

Lonnie Johnson Jr. Houston Texans (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Lonnie Johnson Jr. Houston Texans (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans, Lonnie Johnson Jr.
Lonnie Johnson Jr. Houston Texans (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans have players who are flying under the radar before the 2020 NFL season.

We all know the Houston Texans have the star players such as quarterback Deshaun Watson and defensive end — and the co-host of “Ultimate Tag” — J.J. Watt, as both are known on a national level.

The Texans also have some players known throughout the NFL circles like Brandin Cooks, Kenny Stills, Laremy Tunsil and Whitney Mercilus, to name just a couple players whom many NFL fans know the names of. But then there are those players who are grinders, work just as hard as the stars — maybe even harder — and do their job very well from the first quarter all the way to the conclusion of the game.

That is what brings up to this article discussing four Houston Texans players who are under-the-radar players, but players will make an impact for the team once the 2020 regular season arrives. These players whom we’ll talk about later are those players who play on both the offensive and the defensive side of the ball, and not only that, have had some big moments while members of the Houston Texans franchise.

These players have had Houston Texans news headlines, and these Texans news makers are going to be of vast importance in pivotal games against such opponents as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, which are the first two games of the 2020 season.

Granted, some of these players won’t be the face of the Texans franchise, and others will do their job quietly, but there is the impact that they will make. That is more important and helpful to the Texans, as all 50-plus players on the main roister can be the face of the team.

Some of the more memorable members of the Texans franchise weren’t the top players on the team, and some of the bigger players this team the past couple season weren’t maybe noticed nationally, but those role players were a part of two AFC South titles the past two seasons and even a playoff win as well.

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Of course, there is work to be done for the Texans in 2020, but next are four players who are under-the radar player who must and will make an impact for the franchise in 2020 if the team wants to have a third straight AFC South title and more success in the playoffs.

Houston Texans: 4. Max Scharping, Guard

One of the players everyone should be looking forward to watching this season is offensive guard Max Scharping, as it will be interesting to see how much he improves from year one to year two, especially with less work this offseason as camps have been canceled during this offseason due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What I’ll be watching for with Scharping is how he avoids having a “sophomore slump” so to speak, and how he plays knowing he’ll be a guard all this season, as the tackle spots, barring any injuries, will be held by Tunsil and Tytus Howard.

Scharping should see more snaps this season, and seeing how he handles having more on his plate will be worth watching for because one way or another, the 2019 second-round pick will have an impact on the Houston Texans offense in 2020.