Houston Texans: 3 Reasons Deshaun Watson could be NFL MVP in 2020

Deshaun Watson Houston Texans (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Deshaun Watson Houston Texans (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Deshaun Watson can make huge Houston Texans news by battling for NFL MVP in 2020.

The Houston Texans have a very special player in quarterback Deshaun Watson. In what will be his fourth season, Watson is poised to really let loose on the NFL, and this year he’ll prove he’s capable of winning the Most Valuable Player award.

Sure, Watson won’t have his All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and yes, sometimes he holds on to the football a little too long at times. Also, the play calling has been questionable during his three years with the franchise, but all of that was learning and getting ready for season four, where this is the year Deshaun Watson is going to become an even stronger player than the talent he’s already shown on the football field.

Watson enters the 2020 NFL season as a two-time Pro Bowl selection (2018 and 2019), is a four-time NFL Player of the Week (three times last season) and has been voted 50th and 51st in the NFL Top 100 the past two years.

Houston Texans News: Deshaun Watson becoming a veteran QB

The 24-year old Deshaun Watson has played in 38 regular-season games and three playoff games in his career, where he has a 1-2 record, but did gain his first playoff win this past season when he Texans defeated the Buffalo Bills, 22-19.

In Watson’s three-year career, he’s made Texans news headlines by collecting eight fourth-quarter comeback wins, with five of those coming last season. Each year, Watson seems to add more and more to his game, and if more of that improvement comes this season, the rest of the league had better be on notice.

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Watson won’t have his All-Pro receiver Hopkins for the first time in his career, but having Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller, Kenny Stills and Randall Cobb as passing targets, not to mention the tight ends and running backs on the roster, Watson and the Texans could really surprise teams in 2020 because currently they are under the radar and not being projected to make the playoffs.

Next are three reasons why Deshaun Watson can be the 2020 NFL MVP, and if that happens that means most likely the Texans will be winning the AFC South for a third straight season, and once again, returning to the playoffs.