Houston Texans: All-time leaders in receiving yards

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The Houston Texans news includes the all-time leaders in receiving yards since the franchise joined the NFL in 2002.

There have been some very good players catch passes in Houston Texans history, but exactly who are the all-time leaders in receiving yards? The Houston Texans news ahead could surprise you as some of the names on the ensuing all-time list might have been misplaced in our memories, as others will always be remembered for what they did in a Texans uniform.

In all, 111 players have caught a pass for Houston with four players having a reception for negative yardage. Eleven players on the all-time list have 3-9 yards in a reception, and the all-time number for receiving yards for the Texans is over 13,000 yards.

Next are the Top 5 Texans players and some honorable mentions in all-time receiving yards, as the Texans news this season will hopefully one of the honorable mentions joining the Top 5 Texans of all time in receiving yards with the franchise, as the sixth-place player on this list is the only player in the Top 10 left with this franchise.

Houston Texans News: Receiving yards – Honorable mentions

The sixth through 10th players on the Texans’ all-time receiving list consist of tight end Ryan Griffin (1,491) in 10th, while in ninth is Jacoby Jones (1,741). In eighth is Corey Bradford (1,992), and in seventh place all-time is Jabar Gaffney (2,009).

Now to the current sixth-place player in Texans history for receiving yards … Will Fuller, who has been with the Texans since the 2016 season. Fuller has been plagued with various injuries throughout his four seasons with Houston, but he’s always been able to produce when he’s on the field. In four seasons, Fuller has collected 2,231 yards receiving, including 156 receptions (258 targets) and 16 touchdowns.

Fuller should be able to reach fifth all-time as he’s only 37 yards away from tying the fifth-place all-time number. As for the Top 5 of the Texans all-time list, not all of the players coming up are wide receivers, which makes the next names fun to read about again as none of the Top 5 are on the Texans’ roster anymore.

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