Houston Texans News: Super Bowl odds, more on 2020 NFL Draft

Keke Coutee #16 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Keke Coutee #16 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The pre-draft Super Bowl odds have been released, and the Houston Texans news is they aren’t the favorites to win the final game of the season.

There has been a variety of Houston Texans news as of late, as a member of the franchise is hosting a game show involving tag next month, a handful of days ago the Texans traded for a wide receiver, and now the Super Bowl odds before the 2020 NFL Draft have been released.

In odds released by Caesars Sportsbook, the Houston Texans news included having 50-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, and the third-best odds of winning the division at +225, as compared to the Indianapolis Colts (+175) and the Tennessee Titans (+140).

The Texans’ odds to win the AFC championship to make the Super Bowl came in at 22-1, and the odds to make the playoffs for the Texans was +135 for yes and -155 for no.

Those aren’t the worst odds for a team to win the big game, or to make the playoffs, but those numbers aren’t the most exciting Houston Texans news, either.

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To put it into perspective, the odds of the Colts winning the AFC championship are currently at 14-1, and the Tennessee Titans come in at 13-1 before the NFL Draft begins.

Even though the Texans are the back-to-back AFC South champions, this year has a whole different feel to it, though nobody was predicting the Texans to do a lot the past two seasons either when they won the division.

Houston Texans News: Bill O’Brien has a plan for the 2020 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans have a few needs, but as Bill O’Brien was quoted in a conference call with media earlier in the week, the head coach/general manager says he’ll do what is best for the Texans. Texans insider and lead writer of HoustonTexans.com Deepi Sidhu quoted O’Brien on the draft:

"“You’re going to draft based on who is the best player for your team when you’re picking at that pick.”"

No matter how you look at the Houston Texans news as the draft continues to near, one thing is for certain: O’Brien and the Texans front office will make things very interesting moving forward as they continue to add to the roster.

Houston Texans News: Keke Coutee needs another opportunity

One player who can really have an impact on the Houston Texans is Keke Coutee, as even though his 2019 season wasn’t much to write home about, there is still the 2018 rookie season he had that still shows the potential he has to impact a roster.

Coutee needs and deserves a better chance to show what he can do on a football field in ’20 as a Texans wide receiver. Whether that be with the Texans or another franchise, Coutee has shown in the past if he gets the opportunity, and then takes full advantage of said opportunity, he can be a very productive player.

Though rumors are flying around on social media about Coutee’s current situation with the Texans, it would be in the best interest of the Texans to keep him on the roster and give him a chance to make up for the ’19 season and really see what Coutee can offer to the Texans franchise.

Houston Texans News: Zack Baun could end up on the Texans defense

Some mock drafts have Zack Baun falling to the second round, and if he doesn’t jump up to the first round in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans news next Friday night could be that Baun has been drafted with the 40th overall selection by the Texans.

This is just an opinion, but the pass rusher from Wisconsin is more than capable of having a solid NFL career, and he would help the Texans defense instantly if he were to be drafted by the franchise.

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The big question about Baun is will he drop to the second round? If he does, don’t be surprised to see the edge rusher be linked with the Texans for the fact he could be the best player available at that time, and Baun could add some nice depth to the defense as well.