Houston Texans News: Can the WRs make it through an entire season?

Will Fuller #15 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Will Fuller #15 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

There has been a lot of Houston Texans news as of late, so lets take a look at what is being said on Twitter.

Many view the Houston Texans news this offseason in a more negative manner than having positive feelings, and quite frankly there are no arguments here. Some of the decisions made by the front office have been confusing, and more often than not has caused anger from the fan base.

There are others who have defended general manager Bill O’Brien for his decisions of trading DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson and some draft picks, followed with trading another draft pick for Brandin Cooks.

There have been other moves made — and not made —  by the Houston Texans news makers this offseason, but in all honestly it is very tough to give this offseason, as is currently sits, an above average grade. That is said because there are still too many questions for this franchise that need to be answered as the 2020 NFL Draft is next on their offseason schedule of events.

For instance, how can general manager O’Brien feel comfortable with his group of wide receivers? Are they talented, yes, but the past injury issues of Will Fuller makes many wonder if he can be the force we all know he can be. Then there are concussion issues with Cooks, so that is scary from not only a football standpoint, but his overall personal health.

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Kenny Stills doesn’t miss many games so that is a positive, and who knows what is in store for DeAndre Carter, Randall Cobb and Keke Coutee on the offense at least, but at least Carter is a plus for the special teams. Here is some more Houston Texans news to look over today.

Houston Texans News: More on the wide receivers; plus some offseason fun

Again, with the wide receivers of the Texans, they are a very fast group of players all on one offense, but they aren’t DeAndre Hopkins either. This group won’t be on the same level as Hopkins, and that will eventually hurt the Texans during the 2020 season. Even as Brad Evans says in the above tweet, the Texans group might just be the most injury prone group of wide receivers in the league.

Maybe the Texans will find another wide receiver they are interested in during the 2020 NFL Draft, but then again, how many receivers does this team want to carry on their roster this upcoming season? Which receiver would they let go if they do draft one?


Imagine if Bill O’Brien and Deshaun Watson had a phone call with each other following the big trade. Would the phone call have went something like the above cartoon skit made by Bleacher Report? This brings a good laugh to a situation that isn’t so much fun to laugh about.

Houston Texans News: In defense of Bill O’Brien …

Ed Werder of ESPN.com tweeted the about information following the Houston Texans news of trading a second round pick for Cooks this month. The salary cap numbers are great and all, and yes, the Texans will need all the cap space they can get in their pursuit of re-signing both Laremy Tunsil and Deshaun Watson, but was trading Hopkins too much of a risk?

Even nearly a month after the Hopkins trade, and after trading for Cooks, the trade of Hopkins still has the feel of a poor decision from an outsiders perspective. Even in saving some cap space for future signings, was it worth trading one of the best players — who is still in his prime — to ever play for the Texans?

Here is some Houston Texans news from the official Twitter page of the Texans with an interview of Brennan Scarlett. He is one of the players that will be very exciting to watch on the defense this season. Scarlett is coming off a year where he played in 15 games, making 10 starts.

In those games played the outside linebacker totaled 31 solo tackles, 3.5 sacks (both being career highs) and had one pass defensed. It would be nice to see the 26-year old Scarlett build from this past season, which will be his fifth in the league.

Houston Texans News: The NFL Draft is getting closer

Here is A.J. Epenesa of Iowa, a player profiled earlier this week by the Toro Times for a Texans draft profile about how he could help the defense of the Texans. Watch No. 94 of Iowa in this clip from DraftClips.com for a talented would could be available in the second round.

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If Epenesa is some how available for the Texans in the second round (they have the 40th overall pick), Bill O’Brien and his front office really need draft the defensive lineman to the roster, because he has the potential to be very good.