Houston Texans: 5 WR options better than Brandin Cooks in 2020 NFL Draft

Brandin Cooks #12 of the Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Brandin Cooks #12 of the Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans Draft
Brandin Cooks #12 of the Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans draft decision makers traded a second-round pick for Brandin Cooks this past week, but it wasn’t the right move.

Did the Houston Texans draft decision makers really need to trade the 57th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams for a future fourth-round pick and wide receiver Brandin Cooks? The answer is simple … no.

In fact, the Houston Texans draft process would have been better if they would have just kept the second-round pick and built their team with younger players for less money, rather than trade for Cooks.

Cooks is on the team for the next four seasons, unless the Texans opt out of the contract after this upcoming season, but this year alone they are paying the 26-year old wide receiver $8 million. The following three years, he’s due $12 million per year in ’21 and ’22, plus $12.5 million in ’23.

So, if the Texans decide not to keep Cooks after this upcoming season, well, that was a waste of a second-round pick, but to be honest, this offseason for general manager Bill O’Brien and the front office has been anything but understandable.

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The Texans will be the fourth team he’s played for since joining the league in 2014 when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, a team he played on from 2014-16. Next came one season with the New England Patriots (2017) and two seasons with the Rams (2018-19).

For his career, Cooks has had the likes of Drew Brees and Tom Brady, along with Jared Goff, as his starting quarterbacks, totaling 402 receptions for 5,730 yards with 34 career touchdowns, all while averaging 14.3 yards per reception.

Cooks has had four 1,000-plus yard receiving seasons in his career, but last season was not one of those years due to concussions. In ’19, Cooks totaled 42 receptions in 14 games where he finished with 583 yards and two touchdowns with the Rams.

It is a mystery as to which version of Cooks will be on the field for the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson because of concussion issues. After this upcoming season Cooks does have a large price tag, and the Texans draft just might have been able to select a wide receiver near the talents of Cooks for a lot less against future salary cap numbers.

The Texans will now have to live with the decisions that led to Cooks becoming a member of the Texans’ offense, as he could become the No. 2 wide receiver or even the slot receiver with the rest of the wide receiver roster including Will Fuller, Kenny Stills, Randall Cobb, DeAndre Carter, Keke Coutee and a few others.

Maybe O’Brien liked what he’s seen in Cooks, and maybe Cooks is the star player the Texans need on their roster. Next are five wide receivers who are talented, more contract-friendly and younger than Cooks. These following wide receivers could make an impact with the Texans in the same fashion Cooks might make an impact this upcoming season.