Will Fuller could propel Houston Texans to AFC Championship Game

The Houston Texans are expected to have Will Fuller back in the lineup during the Divisional Round game this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here is some more good news on the injury front for Will Fuller and the Houston Texans, and that news is he should be available to play against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs as he’s recovering from a groin injury.

Earlier this season when the Texans defeated the Chiefs in Week 6 at Kansas City, Fuller totaled five receptions on nine targets for 44 yards, though his numbers could have been much better if it weren’t for a couple dropped passes. Fuller played in 78 offensive snaps that game (88 percent). That same game saw fellow wide receiver and teammate DeAndre Hopkins total nine receptions (12 targets) for 55 yards, with Hopkins playing in 87 offensive snaps (98 percent).

In what was a 31-24 win over the Chiefs in October, the duo of Hopkins and Fuller totaled 14 receptions for 99 yards and no touchdowns, and the Texans still won the game. Imagine if the trio of quarterback Deshaun Watson, Hopkins and Fuller are all at the top of their game this Sunday? Imagine if Fuller can stay healthy for the entire game, take pressure off Hopkins, and also maybe make the Chiefs forget about Kenny Stills a little bit?

What if Will Fuller reaps the rewards of just being on the field, and the Chiefs focus more on Stills and Hopkins — how successful could he be this Sunday in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs?

Pete Grathoff of The Kansas City Star quoted Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network on Fuller in a recent article:

“When he is in the game, their offense legitimately changes. A deep threat. He’s been battling a groin injury, also had a bunch of hamstring injuries during the season. From what I understand, the Texans do in fact expect him back on the field this week. Good news for their offense.”

This season, in 11 games played, Fuller has 49 receptions for 670 yards and three touchdowns. When he’s on the field he’s a productive player on the stat sheet, but also as mentioned before, he helps take focus off Hopkins, Stills and even the running game to a certain degree.

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If Fuller can have a solid game, and get even his season average of 13.7 yards per reception and 60.9 yards per game receiving, then he could easily help send the Texans to the AFC Championship game and send the Texans to a round of the playoffs they’ve never accomplished as a franchise.

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