5 Former Houston Texans who would thrive on 2019 roster

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Which former Houston Texans would fit in the best and thrive with the current 2019 roster?

Since playing their first game in 1999, the Houston Texans have built a franchise that is better than some in the NFL who have been around much longer. The Texans have won five AFC South championships, have three playoff wins in eight games and have won 121 games in franchise history.

When it comes time, they will have their first true Hall of Fame player when Andre Johnson is eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the franchise itself has had four head coaches. What about the former players and the current 2019 roster of the Texans?

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Which of the former players from the Houston Texans would fit in the best with the current roster? Which players on the offense could be replaced with a former player who took the Texans to the next level when it mattered the most?

Of the former players who used to wear the Texans colors, who would help the 2019 roster the most and help the current group of Houston players get over the hump? The Texans haven’t won a playoff game since the 2016 Wild Card round when they defeated the Oakland Raiders.

When the time comes, more than a handful of Texans players will end up on their Ring Of Honor, like Johnson already has, or also at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Texans could have a special team this season if players stay healthy and the franchise can take the next step in the playoffs.

For the sake of having some fun this offseason, listed next are five of the greatest players — during their prime — from the history of the Texans who would fit in well in certain spots of the current roster and make this team more exciting to watch in 2019.